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– Lourdes-Lorenzo Luaces –

Having been raised in Miami, Lourdes Luaces always dreamed of designing, building, and then selling beautiful spaces. As a Graduate of the University of Miami School of Architecture, she studied under some of the most renowned architects in Miami.  

Lourdes began her career as an Architect and soon fell into working as a construction manager, where she oversaw the building of multiple projects, including the Miami Children’s Museum which she always called her “first child”. While working to build the museum, she took part in multiple fundraising efforts and was able to work with a slim budget where the museum was able to come to its fruition.

In her spare time, Lourdes began building a diversified portfolio of homes in Coconut Grove and Key Biscayne. Her remodels were so appealing that she began receiving offers on her improved properties without even having them listed.  Over the years, Lourdes further developed her real estate acumen and opened a boutique real estate brokerage at The Ritz-Carlton in Key Biscayne.  

Thanks to her core values, design/construction experience and real estate vision, Lourdes has built a reputation for outstanding negotiation capabilities and finding unique opportunities for her long list of diverse and loyal clients.